January 2021 Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: City Of Girls

What could be more fabulous than the New York theater scene in the 1940s? The correct answer – a lot things. As well-seasoned New Yorker Vivian recalls her illustrious and not so illustrious experiences that brought her to New York and has made her a true New Yorker in the midst of war, family differences, lost loves and the people that become her family you are automatically sucked into this page turner that will make you appreciate the hard decisions that you’ve had to make in your own life.

Can We Forgive?: Ask Again, Yes

This one is DEEP. Another story centered in and around New York and its suburbs. Family dynamics are often tough for many of us. There are demons that we all struggle with, battles that we battle because of, or with the help of our family. This story makes you ask yourself if you can forgive as you follow children into adulthood. Can you forgive your family, can you forgive your friends, can you forgive strangers, can you forgive yourself…?

What a TAle! : Daughter of Fortune

Many family secrets are hidden to protect us. In Daughter of Fortune you are transported back in time to Chile and California during the gold rush of 1849. This multi-layered story shows love through many lenses and the extent to which we will sacrifice for those that we love. Isabel Allende has been one of my favorite authors since high school and is a master historical fiction story teller. This addition to my bookshelf did not disappoint.

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