As a Black professional woman and entrepreneur, I am not only keenly aware of our struggles to climb the corporate ladder, but I am also privy to the struggle of trying to raise funds to start a business as a person of color. Traditionally, the cards in both forums are stacked against me.

I often think about what Could have happened if the $2 Billion dollars that went to the founders of Quibi was instead $1M given to 2 thousand entrepreneurs of color? The change that they could have created through their businesses is unfathomable.

So, today I am working with an outstanding team to launch KINETIC. KINETIC helps entrepreneurs find funding as an online platform that serves as a market intermediary to significantly reduce search and/or transaction costs allowing entrepreneurs, funders, and other related players to find and engage with one another using a matching algorithm. For aspiring Black, LatinX & Native entrepreneurs that are looking for various types of funding, and investors that are looking to invest in their businesses KINETIC is unlike any other solution available.

To kick off our launch, I am hosting a completely FREE conference with some of the best entrepreneurs, investors and funders in this ecosystem.

Join us for a fireside chat, panel or the full day as we discuss topics such as:

  • Fireside Chat: Economic Progress through Entrepreneurship and the Importance of Funding
  • Panel: Where to Find Funding: Creative Options, including “KIN”, Customers, Grants, Banks, Investors, Equity Crowdfunding, Funds, etc.
  • Workshop: The Do’s and Don’ts of Securing Funding from Investors. (Topics include networking, etiquette for introductions, decks, how to know you are ready for funding, searching for firms with the right thesis, etc.)
  • Panel: Allies and Advocates Who Get It (a Candid Ask Me Anything Session)

While at Booth, I have spent an immense amount of time figuring out how I want to impact the world and through which platforms I can be of the greatest value. I am incredibly proud to be a part of a team that is solely focused on helping entrepreneurs like myself get funding.

Our greatest barrier to success is funding, with KINETIC WE are going to change that paradigm by making funding: accessible, adequate and available for all entrepreneurs.

So please join me and these amazing speakers for a day of conversation, learning and a peek into what we hope to build and change with KINETIC.

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