November Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: A PRomised Land

If you have read any of Barack’s books, then you know that he has a lot to say. Considering that A Promised Land is 700 pages, and doesn’t even get to the end of his first term, you can imagine that he has EVEN MORE to say than usual. As you relive his run to the presidency and the majority of his first term, Barack does an immaculate job at putting everything in context. Every senator, congressman, staffer’s back story is shared, making them a true character in his journey. Nevertheless, he does not assume that you know American history. Every major decision that he makes is accompanied by a a little history lesson, so you’re just a little more educated on why he made the choices he made and their impact. You’ll end A Promised Land wanting more. So you may as well get started on this bad mama jama so you can be ready for the next 700 pager.

Am I Crazy – or are you?: Piranesi

Are we living in reality or an alternate reality? Are we in prison or in heaven?Are we even really here? What is your heaven may be another’s hell. How we choose to walk through life and how we allow others to effect our perception of reality is our own choice. Piranesi makes the most of each of his days, as he believes it to be his real. A twisted tale if there ever was any. It may just make you question your state of mind and what is real vs what is not.

We’re Just Human: Normal People

This book was hyped up with over 20K reviews and a series that aired on Hulu. Normal People is just a story of, you guessed it, normal people. You’ll follow the story of this young couple’s love story and all of the intricacies and complications that come along with it. You will be able to relate to some part of their story if you’ve ever dated anyone ever. Because just like them, we’re just normal people too.

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