October Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: stories Of Your Life And Others

I LOVE a good short story collection. After reading Exhalation, I back tracked to Stories Of Your Life. Nevertheless, Ted Chiang never disappoints. This collection focuses on science, free-will, communication and belief systems. It will make you think and question your own views and imagine what life in other dimensions and here on Earth could possibly look like.

#ceogoals: The Ride Of A Lifetime

I want to be like Bob Iger when I grow up. Disney as a company has doing unimaginably imaginable things. Bob Iger gives the nitty gritty on what he struggles with as the CEO of one of the most influential companies in the world, and gives you so many takeaways that you want to keep close as you lead and manage your teams now and in the future.

The Beauty of Storytelling: The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane

Lisa See’s masterful storytelling within historical context made Shanghai Girls one of my favorite books of 2018. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane does is just as beautifully done as you put your self in the shoes of Li-yan, a tea farmer from a remote village in China who is forced to give her daughter up for adoption. This story is DEEP, as it grapples with the struggle of maintaining cultural traditions alongside the rise of globalization. And as you can imagine, there is nothing stronger than the power of a Mother’s love, and the curiosity of a child wanting to learn more about their own story.

Tales From The South: The Deepest South OF All

There are so many stories from and about the South. Many of which are idealized or adapted to fit what we imagine the South to look like. Richard Grant tells true stories about the town of Natchez, Mississippi in all of its unique glory and ridiculousness through the eyes of the people that have given it it’s character for generations. I found my laughing and surprised to learn about Natchez’ bizarre culture and history – and I’m sure you will too.

A New Perspective: If I had Your Face

Here in the states plastic surgery is not discussed, expected or celebrated. In many ways, although there are millions of Americans participating in elective plastic surgeries, it is still taboo. In Seoul, Korea – it is a different story. Plastic surgery is discussed, expected and celebrated. IF I Had Your Face is a fictional story that brings to light how different women deal with standard of beauty in South Korea and will give you a different perspective on that practice as a whole.

Want to Learn Ops?: The Goal

So for those of you that know me, you know that Ops is clearly not my thing. For Operations Management we read this book and it gave me a new appreciation for the art of operations and taught me so much in an incredibly fun and digestible manner. So if you’re interested in learning more about operations fundamentals, pick this classic up.

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