We’re Live! Our First Podcast Feature On MBA Insider

I’m super honored to have had the opportunity to record my first podcast with Al Dea, the creator of MBA Schooled and the MBA Insider Podcast Series – both AMAZING platforms overflowing with outstanding tools and content geared towards MBA applicants and current MBA students. Regardless of whichever part of your journey you are on – please use both of his platforms as resources!

Below is the excerpt of what we discussed as well as the link to listen – I hope you enjoy!

Morgan Franklin is a Chicago Booth MBA Student in the Class of 2021. During her time at Booth, Morgan decided to turn her interest in learning about her classmates’s stories into MBA: The Blog, a blog dedicated to sharing the stories and lives of Booth MBA Students. During this interview, Morgan spoke about her journey to Booth, what she’s learned building MBA the Blog, and some of the powerful stories of her classmates. Listen today on Apple Podcasts or Spotify