September Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: The Sellout

I did not know what to expect when a friend recommended this book. Needless to say I got way more laughs and learnings than I bargained for. This satire about a black farmer in LA will leave you in tears as the main character attempts to reinstate slavery and segregation as he recounts his childhood and what our country is moving towards. Truly hilarious and also slightly concerning.

#TheMoreYouKnow: Why We Sleep

Moral of the story: if you are not sleeping 7-8 hours a night then you’re willing yourself to experience severe ailments and die earlier than you would like. This book will make you want to sleep every night religiously out of pure fear. At least that’s how I felt during and after reading it. It is chock full of medical knowledge, studies and stories that bolster the fact that sleep is the best medicine that we all need to function at the highest level.

Black Girl Magic: Small Doses

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Seales for a Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) Comedy night. Although I am not a member of MLT, I surely feel like an honorary member now. Many of us have come to know Amanda from her role as Tiffany Dubois on the the HBO Emmy nominated show “Insecure”. Before interviewing her, I wanted to make sure that I did my homework, which included this book. Amanda has a Masters of African American Studies from Columbia and is incredibly well versed in our history and is an activist. 5 minutes before our show, RBG passed away, and our supposed to be comedic conversation took a turn to be much more serious. From her plethora of experiences and artistic talents from writing to rapping, acting and painting – “Small Doses” is a beautiful piece of work that explores everything from friendship to business to America as a country.

Here’s my favorite Amazon review of her book:

A Classic: Love In The Time Of Cholera

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a literary icon. “Love In The Time of Cholera” is a true saga set in Colombia in the late 1800’s. As you follow Florentino’s obsessive love for Fermina, you cannot help but to question if you can in fact love someone as endlessly and deeply as Florentino does. If you have not had the pleasure of reading a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel yet, do yourself a favor and add one to your list. Heads up – for the first time ever “100 Years of Solitude” is going to be portrayed on film thanks to Netflix. Stay on the look out for that!

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