We’re 1 – Thank You For Reading!

A year ago I launched MBA: The Blog with the hopes of having a place to reflect on my business school journey and to keep me focused on why I am here.

Today, MBA: The Blog has became a home for so much more. Not only for myself, but for so many of you – my readers.

And I thank each one of you for that!

Whether you come here to be inspired by my peers’ life stories, or are looking for some advice on how to tackle the admission process – I hope that this space has given you something that brings a smile to your face.

To date, we have had 25K+ reads from 11K+ readers across 80 countries!

That is simply amazing! I could not have imagined this blog touching so many people around the world. Creating content for this space has been one of my greatest joys in business school.

I intend to continue to grow this blog and readership for years to come by bringing you stories that you will find insightful as I finish out my time at Booth and re-enter the work world.

If there are questions that you have or content that you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to reach out at morganfranklin@chicagobooth.edu.

Again – thank you for reading and continuously inspiring me to write!