July Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: The Silent Patient

This is Alex Michaelides’ debut novel and it is OUTSTANDING. A true mystery thriller rooted in a therapist and patients relationship with twists and turns that will leave you wanting more. If you like Gone Girl, then you will love this.

For The Love Of Money: Billion Dollar Whale

This true story of Jho Low laundering over $5B in the 1MDB scandal to spend on parties and living the high life is nothing short of an epic tale that is hard to believe.

It’s so outrageous that it falls in line with our surreal reality. To put this in perspective – this man was using the money that he laundered to fund the production of the Wolf Of Wall Street movie – Just for shits and giggles. This story is still unfolding in real time, as the former prime minister of Malaysia was just convicted and found guilty in the 1MDB case. Yet, the illusive Jho Low is still on the run.

Quick History Lesson: Say Nothing

If you have any interest in Irish History and the Troubles, this is the book for you. To be frank, I had very little prior knowledge of Northern Ireland’s Protestants and Catholics literally killing each other in mass because of their religious beliefs. It is alarming and dives into the fight for safety and rights that was spurred by the civil rights movement in the states. By the way, this wasn’t hundreds of years ago – this was in the 70’s.

Better Understand The Immigrant Struggle: American Dirt

Jeanine Cummins got a lot of slack for writing the story of Mexican immigrants as a white woman. While this story is extreme and idealized in some ways, it paints a picture of just how destructive the Mexican cartels have been and the lengths that a Mother will go through to protect her child, or that sisters will go through to protect each other. I think it is worth the read, and will help you build more empathy towards the plight of those that are forced to leave their homes in hopes of finding a safer better life.

Another “Wish It Wasn’t True” African-American Story: The Nickel Boys

I find it unfortunate that so many of the written stories around African-American history are painful. The Nickel Boys is about a juvenile reformatory in Tallahassee during the 1960’s and the nightmares that were happening to both young black and white men inside. It is jarring and sad, but it is another true depiction of what life is like for black men in the United States.

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