Which Test Do I Take? GRE vs GMAT

It doesn’t matter. That’s all. That’s the post.

All that matters is that you do well on whichever you choose to take.

Because almost all schools now accept the GRE as a test option, and the number of applicants that are choosing to take the GRE over the GMAT keeps rising – there is virtually no difference in which test you use for your application. In fact, some schools aren’t even requiring you to take either of the tests for admissions anymore.

Therefore, lean on your strengths. If you are better at quant and math learn on the GMAT. If you are better at english vocab and can re-learn some basic math (my life), take the GRE.

Look at it this way – math is a universal language. If English is not your first language, the GMAT which leans on quant and grammar may be a better route for you and is the more traditional test for business school. Some may argue that it is a better indicator of academic rigor and capability than the GRE and can dispel any fears that the admissions staff may have if you have a lower GPA. On the other hand, if math is not your strong suite and you are fantastic at the english language and vocabulary, then lean on the GRE.

For applicants to business school: Please don’t fret your nerves over which one gives you a better chance of getting in. The answer is yes – just rock out whichever test you choose to sit for, based on what you believe is best for you.

The most difficult part about either test is being consistent about studying.

Products like Magoosh will give you a studying timeline based on how much time you have to study. You’re greatest enemy is yourself in this process.

If you choose to take the GRE, I suggest using test prep service Magoosh. I used it to prep and hit my goal score. Check out my earlier post on all my tips for studying here. While I cannot vouch for the GMAT version of their services, I can assume that they are just as great as the GRE. Make sure that you purchase the additional study books that they suggest. Their platform is cheap enough that you will not break the bank in test prep.

Studying for the GRE or GMAT is time consuming. You need support from those around you to stay focused. Tell your friends and family why it is important for you to score well so they can hold you accountable and help you stay focused.

You know that you have to score in the range to have an opportunity to interview. Give yourself the time and resources necessary to do so. Good luck