April Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: Red Rising

Who doesn’t love a sci-fi dystopian novel?! Red Rising is a cooler more complex Hunger Games. The story is set on Mars. This society runs on creating distinct castes that dictate your life experience, life purpose, access to technology and opportunities. You can imagine and visualize what these characters lives on Mars are like as they battle to succeed in their endeavors. I’m incredibly surprised that it has not yet been turned into a film or tv show. I will definitely be continuing on to the next book in this series. And I think you will too.

Think Differently: Invisible Women

This book was part of our Boothie Book Club, and was a fantastic choice. At Booth people say, “In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data”. But, what if you are bringing the wrong data? Caroline Perez explains the detrimental effects of women not being included in data sets when making decisions from healthcare to urban planning to everything in between. Mind you, we’re not even talking about women having a seat at the decision making table, we’re just talking about women being included in data points. This is a book that every leader, especially men, should invest reading time in.

A Little Too Relevant: Crisis In The Red Zone

We’re in the middle of an international pandemic, so naturally I had to read about another crisis to put it in perspective. This is a book in a series about the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Richard Preston humanizes the Ebola experience through the lens of the medical professionals and people directly affected and battling the virus. If anything, it made me thankful that the Ebola outbreak was contained as successfully as it was. But, this shows out devastating diseases and viruses can be.

Add To Your Business Toolbox: Never Split The Difference

Everyone can always be a better persuader, negotiator, convincer. Chris Voss gives you the tools necessary to do that. He roots each of his lessons in stories about hostage situations that he negotiated around the world. This book is one that I will purchase to have on my shelf to review prior to negotiations. Powerful transformational book. One of the better tactful business book that I have read as of late.

A Classic That’s Even Scarier Today: 1984

This quarter I took Brian Barry’s “Literature and Strategic Leadership” course. This was the only novel that we read in full. I’ve read this multiple times since middle school. However, reading it as an adult during this Trumpian era was completely different. Also, why did we read this in middle school?! If you have not read this classic, there is no better time than now to contemplate the effects of controlling speech, thought, news, etc.

Great Airplane Read: The Unhoneymooners

This is an awesome pick up and can’t put down fun love story. Sometimes we have pre-conceived notions of someone or an experience that gives a misrepresentation of someone. And maybe sometimes, the script is flipped and you by chance go to Hawaii and fall in love? Christina Lauren takes you on a love adventure full of laugh out loud laughs and experiences that you wish you could by a fly on the wall for.

How Do We Value Our Lives?: When Breath Becomes Air

This came highly recommended from quite a few friends. Paul Kalanithi’s memoir is heart-breaking and uplifting at the same time. As I read his story, I could not help but think about my family and friends that have committed their lives to serving others in the medical field and the sacrifices they have made to do so. To see Paul come so far only to fall victim to what he studied was in a painful way full-circle, and seemingly made his life full-circle. Life is valuable and deep. His story show’s you how much so.

Captivating Story: The Dutch House

Another book from our Boothie Book Club. Ann Patchett is such a captivating story teller. Last year I read her book “State of Wonder” , you can read the review here. Although this story is completely different from the jungle in State of Wonder, and is centered around a family and their home, it is just as layered and complex. You will find yourself comparing your own life to this family’s, and loving and hating each character for various reasons.

Another Frustrating Experience of Being Black In America: Heavy

O, man. This book. My fellow bad ass leader and reader Isis Freeman always gives me great books recs. But, this one made me want to pull my hair out. Kiese Laymon’s memoir is in so many ways infuriating. Often times I struggle with understanding the decisions that people make and have been working hard to change that. As I read, and found myself actually getting upset while reading, I had to put my empathy cap on and put myself in Kiese’s situation. His story and struggles throughout his life despite his academic successes are shared by many, and I hope that when I meet someone with his experiences that I will be able to better understand them.

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