February Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: Exhalation

I love a great collection of short stories. Exhalation’s stories revolve around technology, life and the fantastical in an attempt to explore questions about life and alternate universes. Even when the stories seem far out, you are able to relate to them and analyze your views on life, or what you would do if put in a similar situation. Simply amazing and deeply thoughtful read.

Think & Read A Business Book Differently : Mission In A Bottle

Mission In A Bottle is the story behind the Honest Tea brand – aka my favorite tea not just because of this book. My favorite professor, Gregory Bunch, assigned this book in my favorite class – New Venture Strategy. When he said this was technically a comic book and SUPER EASY to read, I assumed it would be pretty wonky. But, it was actually one of the best entrepreneurial business books that I have read thus far. Download on your iPad or computer and watch this brand come to life in a way that you probably haven’t seen or experienced before. You should leave inspired.

Still Working Through This Classic: The Source of Self-Regard

My mentor Mallom Liggon gave me this book upon my departure from Atlanta last year. I am embarrassed to say that this is the first Toni Morrison book that I have read, and I am even more embarrassed to say that it is the only book over the past 2 years that I have not finished after starting. However, I do intend on working through the last third over the next few months. This book is a collection of essays, speeches, meditations, etc. It is DEEP. Toni is an unbelievable writer and orator. I found myself having to re-read whole passages in hopes of better understanding exactly her point of view. This is a classic that I hope to return to regularly in the future.

Great Airplane Read: Life Will Be The Death Of Me

I have read quite a few of Chelsea Handler’s books, because they are hilarious. Laugh out loud funny. Life Will Be The Death of Me does not disappoint, however it is much more serious than her previous memoirs. Chelsea explores life and death, family, friendships and reflects on the pain, sadness, love and joy that has made her who she is today. Still funny. But expect to shed a thug tear or two.

Don’t Know What an OKR is? Read This: Measure What Matters

If you don’t know what an OKR is – read this book sooner rather than later. If you want to know how and why Google kicks ass – read this book. If you want to be more disciplined whether in work or in your personal life – just read this book.

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