How To Read For Free!

Let me put y’all on game.

Yes, I read A LOT. But, I would not be able to afford to read nearly as much as I do if I was paying for every book that I read. And, I would probably read much less if it was not for the library. Whether you are a serious reader, a regular reader or a once in a while reader – or if you enjoy audiobooks, do yourself a favor and download Libby.

The library and libby have completely changed my access to books and have helped me to read exponentially more than I used to.

Its this simple – if you don’t already have a library card go to your local library. You can find your local library here and sign up for a free library card – it takes a whole of 5 minutes.

For my Chicago friends – you can get an ecard from the Chicago Public Library Instantaneously here and immediately start reading your next book!

Then download Libby and input your card number. Thats all you have to do to read FOR FREE. It’s really that easy. It’s revolutionary.

You can read through the app directly on any device, or if you have an amazon account you can connect it to read through your kindle or kindle app. I prefer to read through my kindle.

Please note: Libby operates just like a regular library. Which means:

  1. You can only loan your book or audiobook for 7, 14, or 21 days .
  2. Your specific county will only have so many copies of each book or audiobook. So if your book is not currently available you have to place a hold. You will be notified when it is available, and you can see where your current place in line is.

This app will make you read at least one more book more than you normally would. Feed your mind and give it a try.

Get your library card. Download Libby. And thank me later.

Better yet – give me a great read to put on my list!

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