8 Spoons. 8 Soups. 8 People

This pretty much summarizes our first day in mystery land.

We arrived at the O’Hare airport to find out that our mystery trip was to

Drum Roll Please……


To be quite frank, I was hoping for a more exotic location, I wasn’t really sure what Poland had to offer (if anything), and can’t even point to Georgia on a map.

But, after some looking at our itinerary, I quickly got excited.

Apparently Georgia has amazing food, amazing wine, amazing views and lots of outdoor activities. Who knew?!

We have a full packed schedule for the next 8 days. After our first full day of traveling (we left Chicago 24 hours ago, and are now sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to Georgia), I can tell you all about Warsaw, Poland – the first stop on our trip.

We left Chicago at 5pm central time, and woke up in Warsaw, Poland at 8:30am polish time ( about 8 hours ahead). We immediately boarded our charter bus and headed to our bike and food tour around the city.

Changing of the guards at tomb of the unknown soldier

The city of Warsaw is historically interesting and some part of it are quite pretty. Most of Warsaw was destroyed in WWII, so the majority of the buildings were built post war. The weather was beautiful as we traversed the city and explored the city square, the food scene, monuments and the river

Soup is called ZUPY and polish people are really into it. So were we. 8 spoons, 8 different soups, 8 students. We enjoyed ZUPY way more than expected on this warm summer day. Beet broth soup with dumplings was surprisingly my favorite!

Because of the history of the city, a lot of the conversations around polish history were painful to hear. We visited the site of the Jewish ghettos during WWII and learned about the Jewish Polish Uprising.

Jewish Uprising Monument

While the history is incredibly deep, the city has rebuilt itself over the past 65 years, post WWII, post communism and was a pretty cool place to spend our layover. Our first day has been incredibly long and we can’t wait to make it to our first hotel, take a hot shower and lay in bed for a bit until our adventures begin again.

From what I’ve been told, Georgia should be outstanding. Our crew of 16 is excited to reach our final destination!