April Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: Homegoing

If you had to choose one book this year to read, this should be it. Homegoing is one of the best books that I have ever read – period. Yaa Gyasi tells the story of the African trans-migration to the Americas in the most beautiful and profound way. The story begins in the 1800’s with the Fante and Asante tribes, and each chapter follows a descendant of the next generation to modern day times. It is uplifting, inspiring, heart breaking, historically correct and incredibly moving. And check this – its her debut novel! Please please pick up this book – you won’t regret it.

You Won’t Believe It’s True: Killers Of The Flower Moon

History is powerful. This book goes to the midwest and outlines the relocation of the Osage Indians (accidentally to oil rich lands), the murders that followed, and how the FBI was essentially established to figure out who was committing the murders. It is real, terrifying and gives you insight to yet another piece of questionable American history that you wouldn’t know otherwise.

Most Intriguing: The Power

Want to know what would happen if women really could rule the world? The Power gives you a sci-fi dystopian version of what that could look like if the tables were turned. It is an interesting view of how governments, religion and the economy would be changed with this new found and harnessable ‘power’. A feminist read for all my feminist friends out there.