December Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: Red Notice

What a story – a terrifying one at that. If we have learned anything about Russia over the years, we know that this is not a country to play with. As much as this is a memoir of Bill Browder’s life, this is so much more than just his story. The covers says it all: A true story of high finance, murder and one man’s fight for justice. This book delivers on that plus some. If you’re looking for a non-fiction page turner – this is the one you want to put on your list. Between you and I, I’m quite frankly surprised, and thankful, that more of Browder’s associates have not mysteriously perished throughout the course of his life.

A must For Your Toolbox: Linchpin

To succeed in today’s world you have to be indispensable – a linchpin. Seth Godin shows you just how important is is to be more human than ever before. I don’t want to give away all of the gems that dot this quick read. But, I will say that you will want to own this collection of knowledge.

What a TAle! : Mexican Gothic

This creepy gothic page turner will transport you to Mexico in the 1950’s and is difficult to put down as you try to figure out just how twisted this family really is, and what exactly is wrong with them and their home. Is it magic? Is it sickness? Is it a family curse? You have to dive straight in, head first, to figure out just what is going on.

This is Great In THeory: No Rules Rules

In the business world, Netflix is an anomaly in a sea of abysmal normalcy. No Rules Rules attempts to walk you through how and why Netflix, on a global scale, has built a culture of unbelievably amazing talent through disrupting traditional corporate and startup structures. They share this knowledge in hope that you will copy their culture and make your company a better place to work. However, if you are not a founder of a startup or the CEO of a major corporation, their toolbox is not truly available for your use. This is fun to read, but unfortunately not really applicable at scale. Big dreams for us that may never have the opportunity to experience what seems to be great on paper.

A Classic: Beloved

Toni Morrison is a QUEEN. This slave narrative is deeply intimate, intertwining reality and the spiritual world that refuse to let those enslaved and free move forward in life. You will find yourself asking what you would do for those that you love, and what you would do if you did not have the right and freedom to love.

Help Yourself: How TO Break Up With Your Phone

We all need a break from our phones. Let’s face it – I’m addicted, You’re addicted, We’re addicted. Price spends the first half of the book explaining why we need a break from our phones. The second half is a 30 day guide with daily tools to actually create a healthy relationship with our cellular devices. Even if you don’t follow the guide directly, there are plenty of tips that you will take with you.

This Isn’t IT: relationship goals

Okay, so there are very few books that I do not finish. In fact, this is the only book of the entire year that I did not read to the very end. I found myself infuriated by this read. If you are very religious leaning or are looking to live a life more guided by the bible, then this may be perfect for you in terms of how you look at your relationships. I had a difficult time trusting Todd who married the woman since he was 14 in terms of actionable relationship advice in today’s dating world. But, you may. The reviews on Amazon say it’s worth the read.

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