July Reading List

Favorite Book Of The Month: Hooked

Hooked was recommended to me by a friend and fellow entrepreneur Scooter Taylor Co-Founder of LookLive. I am incredibly interested in building avtechnology platform. This read explains how to create habit forming applications (hopefully for good). It was straightforward, incredibly compelling and gave a framework for building new applications.

Better Than The Movie: Crazy Rich Asians

This book is DEEP. Yes, there are sweet parts and pieces, but it nothing like the the beautiful rom-com that was the biggest hit of last year. Although it is fiction, it is a serious culture dive that goes in great depth into how family history, culture and wealth effects this “Crazy Rich Asian” ecosystem. Such a great read that the sequel is definitely on my August read list.

Biggest Surprise: We’re Going To Need More Wine

Gabrielle Union’s memoir is worth the read and very well written. I did not know what to expect, but regardless – she delivered. Her incredibly personal stories on her childhood, career and family life are warming, heart-breaking and REAL. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy it.

I’m Still Confused: Florida

Florida popped up on quite a few reading lists this year, and as a native Floridian I gave it a shot. The book is supposed to capture what is the essence of “Florida”. Unfortunately, I was just left confused and thoroughly feel as though the Florida Man Twitter account does a better job at capturing the essence of my home state.

If You Haven’t Read It- Just Do it: The New Jim Crow

I originally read this book in my favorite class at Vanderbilt – Literature and Law with Professor Colin Dayan. After reading Dopesick last month, I wanted to re-read this book to compare the “Opioid Crisis” to the “War on Drugs”. Its history that we all should know. So if you haven’t read it yet – just do it.

Most Intriguing: The State of Affairs

Relationships seem to be a hot topic of conversation, especially now that my friends are getting married and having kids. This book doesn’t seek to say whether infidelity is right or wrong – it seeks to give you a historical, cultural, and scientific framework to think about infidelity and relationships. Interesting read to say the least.

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